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Romantic France and Bold Spain



In  tough times like now, we thought your spirits might need a little soothing!  So set your mind and your senses free for a few moments and conjure up images, scents and flavors of more pleasant things as we share some of the highlights of our last journey with you.


Imagine these:

  • The sound of silence as guests pay their respects to those laid to rest in the American Cemetery at Normandy, France
  • Watching the sun set while enjoying a evening repast of warm bread, cheese and wine in a beautiful chateau in the midst of acres of vineyards ..later to retire to a richly decorated room
  • The beautiful little town of St. Emillion  where wine shops selling their fine wines line the streets.
  • A warm breeze ruffling your hair while you walk the white sands and dip your feet into the blue waters of the Bay of Biscay  in the jet setters city of Biarritz
  • Trying to figure the engineering of the amazing Roman aqueducts in Segovia, Spain and Pont du Gard
  • A night of fireworks…just for you since you can be prince or princess for a few days in your castle perched high in the mountains near Barcelona
  • A walk in the glorious old walled city of Carcassone, France.
  • The taste of anise seasoned new olives at the local market in Avingnon..the burst of flavor from the sweet grapes as you bite into them
  • The heady fragrance of lavender filling the air
  • The serene landscapes of Vincent Van Gough


If any of these scenes appeal to you or you would like to know more just give us a call at 630-879-1111.  We love to talk ….particularly about travel.


Keep the faith. 

Dave and Carolyn Owen