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Due to COVID-19, our in-office hours have been adjusted to ensure a safe office environment for both our employees and clientele. Please know that while our in-office hours have been limited, we are still available for communication and consultation via telephone and email outside of these adjusted hours.


New In-Office Operating Hours:  

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Wednesday & Saturday: by appointment only 


Thank you for your understanding and patience during this unprecedented time. Together, we will see brighter travel days ahead! 




There are a number of destinations and excursions currently accepting bookings for travel.

Contact us at (630) 879-1111 for the latest travel destination openings worldwide. 


Whether you are a seasoned travel advisor, a novice traveler, or anyone in between, navigating travel in a post-pandemic world is new for all of us. Here at Oui Travel, our goal is to help you navigate this new world of travel safely while providing you with the best deals possible. To your left, we have compiled some of the best information available on the internet concerning travel restrictions, advisories, and updates. Below, we have answered some of the most common questions travelers have during this unprecedented time. 

Travel during COVID-19 is a fluid situation. Information concerning travel is constantly changing. Oui Travel is not responsible for incorrect or outdated information on our website. Please contact us directly for the most updated information available. 


How do I travel responsibly in this new, post-pandemic world?

Traveling in a post-pandemic world must be done so with caution, expertise, and protection. Recreational travel should be contingent upon health officials’ recommendations, the current “status” of the destination or vendor being considered, and the personal comfortabilities of the traveler.We recommend taking seriously safety protocols when traveling such as wearing a face mask, regularly handwashing and sanitization, obeying social distancing guidelines, etc. For this reason, we will work with you and all applicable vendors to ensure you are aware of the expectations placed upon you as a traveler. Keep in mind, due to social distancing, many vendors now have limited capacity availability. For this reason, it is important to understand that particular vacation packages may fill up more quickly than in the past. Waiting to book your next trip may not serve you best in a travel industry governed by social distancing. Booking early is now the best action travelers can take. We also highly recommend travel insurance to all travelers. Travel insurance is a great way to protect your investment, especially during times of uncertainty.** 

*If recreational travel is not restricted, the host country and/or supplier is encouraging the belief that proper protocols and guidelines have been met to ensure a safe, COVID-19 free travel experience to the consumer. Oui Travel is not responsible for any liabilities incurred due to unsafe travel environments and/or exposures. This responsibility falls solely on the host county/supplier. Please directly contact the appropriate entities for in-depth liability information as Oui Travel acts as a third-party booking agent only. **Terms and conditions apply to specific travel insurance policies. 


I don’t feel comfortable traveling internationally, but I want to plan the perfect getaway. What can I do?

You are not alone! Many travelers do not feel comfortable traveling internationally just yet. But not to worry! There are so many perfect getaways right here at home. Whether you are looking to sip drinks poolside at a resort, feel sand between your toes on a sunny beach, sleep all day and party all night at the hottest spots, or expand your knowledge on culture, art, and history, there is something for every traveler. There are even railroad vacation packages and guided tours to enhance your travel experience! Unlike travelers abroad, travelers staying stateside take advantage of world-class destinations without leaving the comfort of home. 


All in all, what does COVID-19 really mean for me and my plans to travel?

It is safe to say that traveling in a post-pandemic world means many new changes, some temporary and some permanent. At Oui Travel, we are actively engaging with the most current and up-to-date travel information. Since travel in a post-pandemic world remains fluid, we ask that you contact us for specific questions concerning your travel plans. For CDC Travel FAQ, please click hereCruises are a particularly hard-hit industry shrouded by new concerns concerning safety measures for passengers. For up-to-date information from CLIA please click here