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Niki Lee

(630) 879-1111


Niki is the newest member of the Oui Travel family and is so grateful for the opportunity to work for such an awesome family business! She loves helping out around the office and assisting in travel booking for all of the Oui Travel clients. And while she may not be as seasoned as the other agents at Oui Travel, she will do all she can to ensure each client is happy and assured. If you have a question she doesn't know the answer to, she won't quit until she can answer it!

Niki is the wife of an Army veteran and they are the busy parents of four young kiddos. In her free time, when she gets it, Niki loves to watch movies with her family, curl up in bed with a good book and glass of wine, and take a shower uninterrupted (is there such a thing?!)

Niki is completing an M.A. in Jewish Studies. She is passionate about all things Israel. So if you are interested in taking a trip to Israel, Niki is your girl!

You may contact Niki via telephone at (630) 879-1111 or via email at Niki@ouitravelonline.com


Languages Spoken:
Traveled Destinations:
Brazil, Israel, Caribbean