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Laura Eriksen

(630) 879-1111


When Laura is not busy booking travel for her customers, she is tasked with all things financial at Oui Travel. She has been gifted with this task as the longest standing employee at 31 years! When the books are balanced, Laura is one happy gal!

Laura is a shinning soul. She has an ability to make you feel like part of the family, even if it is your first time meeting her. What she loves most about her job are the awesome team of girls she works with and when all of her customers are excited about their next adventure.

On rare occasions when Laura is not in the office, you can find her bopping-along to sound of her husband's music, serving the needs of her friends and family, visiting her son, Scott, in beautiful Hawaii, or just relaxing in the comfort of those who love her.

Stop in during our business hours to speak with Laura about travel or if you are in need of a new friend. You may also contact Laura at (630) 879-1111 or at Laura@ouitravelonline.com


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